1. What should I look for in the specific clinic to undergo fertility treatment?

The clinic or fertility center that have high experience, expertising, and full of up-to-date equipment. Also carried out by a specialist team.

2. How long should I try to get pregnant naturally before seeing a fertility specialist or even gynecologist?

In theory it said 6 months. By the way, it depends on how much you need? How long can you wait? Difficulty of having a baby is not an illness, so the step of treatment is unnecessary.

3. What are the success rates for IUI and ICSI for 101 Bangkok IVF?

It’s 40-50% for IUI and 60-70% for ICSI.

4. For how long should I try a more conservative/natural method or IUI, before switching to IVF?

It depends on how much you need? How long can you wait? You can start with ICSI without trying IUI. You can try on IUI for 5 times before switching to ICSI. Nothing’s right. Nothing’s wrong. Each couple has their own reason to make a decision.

5. How can I plan financially for ICSI? Usually how much does it cost? And how much does 101 Bangkok IVF cost?

Average cost of ICSI is 200K-400K THB. It’s 250K at 101 Bangkok IVF.

6. I’m worried that the stress and emotion from hormones during the IVF process will cause more harm. What should I do?

That randomly happens. Try to focus on other things, for example, movies, books, music and gentle exercise, may help.

1. What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

Undergoing both types, the first part of the process is no different. The processes involve stimulating eggs, collecting eggs, and collecting sperm. But the difference is technology to assist in fertilization until the embryo is complete.

2. Should I choose a fresh or frozen embryo transferring cycle for both IVF and ICSI? Would that decision matter much in terms of successful pregnancy?

Normally, doctors will advise each couple related to the quality of the embryos. Some better to choose a fresh cycle. However, some couples prefer to go on the frozen cycle.

3. How long will the IVF and ICSI procedure take? And how long will we have to stay in Thailand?

25-30 days for a fresh cycle. For frozen cycles, separate to 2 periods. First month takes 14 days and you can fly back in the second period for 10 days.

4. If I get pregnant through IVF or ICSI, will managing my pregnancy be any different from a pregnancy through normal conception?

Hormone supplements are needed for ICSI pregnancy in the first trimester which is different from natural pregnancy. After the second trimester the caring of pregnancy is the same as normal.

1. What is egg freezing/social freezing?

Egg Freezing is a modern medical technology used to preserve the viability of eggs for future fertilization during the most suitable age range.

2. How long does the process take?

14 Days

3. Is it painful?

Most ladies do not suffer from this procedure. Less than 5% of complaints of stomach ache are discomfortable.

4. Weight gain?


5. Can I still do your normal routine/exercise?

Yes, you can do your normal routine except hard and extreme exercise.

6. What kind of things that need to be avoided?

Extreme activities.

7. What is the maximum age for social freezing? Or What is the best age for egg freezing?

The recommended age is between 22-28 years old.

8. Why doesn’t egg freezing always work?

It is normal that after thawing the frozen egg, the egg might loss its quality. This could be because of various of reasons, including the scientist’s techniques for egg freezing.

9. What’s the downside about egg freezing?

Still high cost nowadays.

10. Is there any risk doing this procedure?

Risk for hormones affecting emotion. Side effect from anesthesia during retrieval.

11. Is it expensive?

It’s a little expensive these days.

12. Should I freeze my egg?

We recommend it. It’s a good plan to have a baby in the future.

13. What if I am on my birth control (pills/injections/Implanon)?

Advice to quit a month before start.

14. Do I have to do the injection by myself? – how many days?

It’s a subcutaneous injection you can do by yourself. Injection will be 10-12 days.

15. What’s the process if I want to use my eggs?

Apply your husband’s document and set up the date of ICSI anyday. It’s so easy.

1. Do I need to be married in order to undergo fertility treatment in Thailand?

Yes, it is necessary for you to be married to undergo fertility treatment in Thailand

2. Is egg donation an option in Thailand?

Yes, by reasonable and should be approved by the government.

3. Is sperm donation an option in Thailand?

Yes, by reasonable and should be approved by the government.

4. What are the legal requirements regarding egg freezing?

Only signed consent.

5. What are the legal requirements regarding sperm freezing?

Only signed consent.

6. What are the legal requirements regarding embryo freezing?

There is the consent form from the government to acknowledge and responsibility on the frozen embryos to the couple to make an agreement together.

7. Is preimplantation genetic screening an option in Thailand?

Yes, for the couple who has the risk of delivering an abnormal baby in chromosome.