Male Infertility detection
From most of the Infertility issues that men face, about 30-4% is mainly due to abnormal ejacuation and sperm mobility, problems may occur at any stage, from hormone secretion, which ever case that affects sperm mobility, and genetic diseases. in any case, taking the treatment and following the procedure will help improve the chances of pregnancy.
The general situations
In most situations, the men receiving the first assessment of their sperm, the doctor will evaluate in accordance to its form, mobility, and sperm count to make an standard assessment.
Total Sperm Count > 40 million
Morphology (WHO) > 30% normal shape
Morphology (Kruger) > 14% normal shape
Volume > 2 milliliters
Motility > 50% motile
Liquefaction complete by 60 min
The amount of active sperm is an overall assessment, examining abnormal sperm with addition checkups, including analysis of hormones, testicular examination, and some that may need to check chromosome.
The Pituary secretion's hormone be a good data indicator of the semen. While taking the examinaImgtion, it can detect any hormone abnormalty, one of the reasons resulting in infertility.
The following situation is advised to take a Hormone Check.
1. Having a sperm count less than 1 million
2. Sexual Dysfunction
3.Examined that the body's hormone is abnormal, Eg: Thyroid Hormone