ImgTreatment precautions for the men
•Try to avoid bacterial infections, it will reduce the sperm count and quality, therefore if you accept the treatment and had a fever 1-2 months prior, please inform the doctor
• High temperatures will interfere with the sperm production, so you should avoid taking a very hot bath or going to the sauna.
•Sperm production and position will be influenced by the testicular pressure, so try to avoid wearing tight underwear.
•Smoking, drinking, will directly affect the quality of the sperm, so you should avoid smoking and drinking during the first 3 months of treatment.
• Exercise can improve the quality of the sperm, so it is recommended to have a daily exercise routine
•Avoid having sex 3 days before th sperm retrieval, have plenty of rest.



Women Precautions
In addition to the refined technology for the treatment, maintaining the body in good health can also improve the results of the treatmImgent. This is mentioned following 3 points:
1.1 Diet
In order to prepare for the treatment, diet is one factor that influences the treatment. Firstly, pay attention to your water intake, in average each person should drink 2 liters of water per day.
Also keep in mind the intake of protein, take at least 60mg daily (equivalent to the consumption of 100g of liver, bee, fish, which contains 20 grams of protein) protein in the body is very important as it will affect the quality of the egg. Source of protein is very important, you should eat some healthy meals. Example: lean meat, beans, or a variety of fish.
The food should be avoided as follows
•To prepare for the treatment, at least three months prior avoid alcoholic beverages or food
•Refrain from eating chocolate or any other foods that's been processed. For example: canned, fermented foods, foods containing too much sugar.
• Avoid drinking coffee, if you cannot avoid this then do not drink more than 2 glasses per day.
• If you need to take any prescribed medication, inform the doctor if it will have any impact on your ovulation or other treatment practices.
1.2 Physical Health
During the treatment, you must keep your body weight stable, otherwise being obese or too thin will reduce the chances of pregnancy, so if your body weight is not within the standard range (BMI), please lose weight, diet and exercise properly, for example run or do yoga in safety measures. Restrict from smoking, because smoking will affect the endometrium, at least three months prior to the period before receiving treatment. Avoid sitting for long hours, especially if you sit in front of the computer all day as it will affect your blood circulation. If you need to work in front of the computer all day, then get up and move around occasionally. Avoid hot baths and sauna, or staying under the sun. 3-4 days before egg retrieval, until you confirm whether you are pregnant.
1.3 Emotional Readiness
Pay attention to resting, during the treatment you need to relax, and you should not be too reserved. In addition, during the treatment, if you feel something uncertain, ask the doctor or other health care workers, this will help reduce anxiety and raise the effectiveness of the treatment.